Our kratom product process starts from selection of kratom leaves from plants are in the forests to the west borneo. Our kratom tree grows wild and experienced in the current tropical forests the environment is still maintained. Far from pollution and of course dangerous chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. Leaf-Kratom leaves come from the kratom tree which is quite old and mature. Harvest these leaves are selected by ka workers the experts and only the best we do take as raw material for flour products our kratom.

The drying we use is the best method to produce high quality kratom. Namely by hanging it indoors and letting it dry naturally. This method is to prevent reduced levels of mitagyna due to excessive evaporation during the drying process.

After going through the drying process, the next step is to turn it into leaf crumbs. These crumbs will then be ground in the grinding machine that we have. As we said before, Kapuas Hijau Sustainable is a company that really pays attention to the cleanliness and health of our kratom products. Therefore, the grinding machine we use is made from stainless steel with food grade standards. So there is no doubt from our consumers regarding the products produced.

Next, the kratom leaves which have been turned into flour are packaged in plastic whose size is adjusted to consumer demand. Our standard packaging is 25 kilograms for each box.

And the final process of our product is sterilizing the packaged kratom flour to clean it of dangerous bacteria. This sterilization uses the irradiation method with the right dose and in accordance with international standards. This is a form of our high commitment to our clean, healthy, hygienic and high quality kratom products.

All of our high standard work results can be proven by the results of laboratory tests by third parties below.